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Bonobos (Pan paniscus) are a great ape species found exclusively in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They are endangered and may become extinct within the next 75 years. You can help us protect the species by supporting Lola Ya Bonobo.
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What We Do

Bonobo rescues and taken to the sanctuary



Rehabilitated Bonobo



Bonobo released back in the wild, swinging in the trees


Where Bonobos live in the world

Our Mission

Lola ya Bonobo is the world’s only organization to provide lifetime care to bonobos orphaned by the illegal trade in endangered wildlife. ¬†We are on the front line in the battle to protect bonobos in the only country they are found – The Democratic Republic of Congo.

How We Help

How We Help

Orphan Bonobos

We rescue orphan bonobos from the illegal bushmeat trade, rehabilitate these bonobos at Lola ya Bonobo, and when possible release them to Ekolo ya Bonobo.

How You Can Help

Bonobo and his friend

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